11 Most Fascinating Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

The majority of people are using online platform for buying products and services. It is the need of the hour for all the businesses to adopt digital marketing strategies to grow their business. As per the figures, there are around 4 billion people worldwide using the internet and half of them are using smartphones. To reach out to the business goals, one needs to work on digital marketing services methods. Here we have shared the most fascinating Digital Marketing Trends 2019.

Marketing For Mobile Device

There are more desktop users than mobile users in 2019. Recently Google has shared the report of mobile-first indexing that shows that desktop searching is less than mobile searching. The major focus of businesses is that mobile-friendly online platform. The basic step of digital marketing services India is to optimize mobile features like cross channel mobile messaging, mobile content, etc. The customer should feel rewarded for using the mobile platform with a user-friendly experience.


This is a common issue most customers or users are facing is the irrelevant ad like audio ads or no shippable videos reflected on the user's screen.    We see that now the majority of the customers are looking for blocking the ad content. It has been noticed that adblockers are installed on user’s devices. Due to this, users are least interested in using those company's products and services. As a digital marketing services company, you need to be a smart advertiser. You need to create a disruptive ad as per user preference. So that user is not irritated with your ad, rather he/she will take more interest in their preference ads.

Recognizing Micro-Moments

As per Google, there are four micro-moments that need to be recognized by the owner.

“I want to know moments” are basically a need of a consumer rather than their intention to make a purchase.

“I want to go moments” are basically a specific requirement of a consumer.

“I want to do moments” is basically the need of a consumer to face some new challenge.

“I want to buy moments” are basically the forced purchase of a consumer.

To identify consumer behavior, online businesses have to understand these needs.  This will help them to promote their products effectively. All these can be done by the best digital marketing services Provider Company which name is Shore up.

Marketing Through Omni Channel

Nowadays Omnichannel marketing is the future of e-commerce businesses. For global retailers, it is the latest 2019 trend. The consumer needs a seamless experience irrespective of the device they use. The consumer may buy products from the physical store, social media, on a phone or on the app or through the website. From all the channels consumer wants to seek an integrated and consistent experience. The business owner needs to understand from the consumer point of view and personally engage with each and every customer with seamless interaction.


Relevant content is going to be a continuous trend for digital marketing. To optimize SEO, valid and relevant content is the need for all e-commerce. Whether the user is using a desktop or mobile phone, content needs to be created effectively to increase ranking. As there is tough competition for the content in the market, one needs to implement a multi-platform for the different content strategy which means you need to create different content for different channels. As per the statistic, the companies who are sharing 15-20 posts per month getting 3.5 more traffic and prospective leads. For this, they check digital marketing services websites on search engine and hire 100% Results-Oriented Company in India. The bottom line is to make an effective post and share them with relevant content on a regular basis to drive more traffic.

Video Marketing

It is the latest Digital Marketing Trends 2019. The majority of the public are using the desktop, mobile phone, tablets, etc.  We all come across various marketing videos on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms.  So, the consumer would like to see product videos before purchasing them. It is a highly effective method of digital marketing.

Storytelling About The Brand

The consumer wants to see the reality behind the product. They are easily convinced by the brand storytelling strategy. These stories evoke emotions and create a connection between the brand and the consumer. 90 percent of consumers are easily get affected and are incline to purchase more. Stories leave a long-lasting impact on the customers.

Protecting The Privacy of a Consumer

Consumers are using the digital platform to buy products and services so they need protection. Online privacy is very important when you are promoting your business online. Businesses can prepare them as per the GDPR policy.

Social Media

The consumer is no more buying products offline. Now we all have become comfortable to buy online. Even customers are using their social media platforms to make online purchases. Companies need to increase their online presence on various social media platforms. They can sell their products and service through these platforms. For example, Facebook has made easy for businesses to sell their product through the Facebook platform.


Now messenger applications are used as a digital marketing strategy by many online companies. For example, Facebook messenger service is being used for marketing products and services and to connect with the customer. Online businesses should take advantage of all social media platforms and use messaging services effectively to promote their business.

Social Customer Services

The last but very important Digital Marketing Trends 2019 is social customer service. The customer feels a personal connection when they are treated with social customer service. Earlier customers used to call customer care for hours to get connects with the company and feel restricted to share their views. They feel more frustrated with the company. Through social customer service, the customer gets the response within seconds. This built trust with the company and customers feel happy to purchase more products and promote the company positively with others.

Following all the above trends are not easy. You can implement these strategies with the help of some professional digital marketing services in Delhi. With the change in technology, these are the best strategies you can implement in your business in 2019. These strategies are very helpful to promote online business growth.