What questions you must ask while choosing a web designing company?

Web designing service company plays a vital role in the development of a company. If you are planning a new website or renewing the old one, the decision of hiring a good web designing company is important. To achieve the online marketing goals you need to prepare the list of questions before hiring the right company.

List of question you need to ask the company


Before approaching any company for web designing services, the first question is to ask what services they offer. First of all, depending on your company’s product and services, find the same profile company. For example, if you have an online printing business, you need a good graphics designing company which can take care of your business need. Not all companies are proficient in all the service. Some can be good at SEO or social media or anything.  Some provide b2b while some provide b2c services. Different companies need different skill web designing company. Nowadays all companies are offering digital marketing along with web designing.

Customized service

After knowing the services, the next point is to understand the type of service they will provide you. Service can be customized or tailor-made. Web designing companies often have two types of packages one is the standard package and another is the customized. The standard package provides basic services with standard rate while customized packages include unique web design with different functionality. The charges differ with the package so it is better to discuss it before assigning the contract.

Company portfolio

This is a basic question but very important for business growth. Many companies save money and assign a web designing project with starters with no experience. Do ask the company about their portfolio of previous work or their best website designing services offered to other companies related to your work.  You can feedback and review from the previous client about the company. You can check out the website of previous clients to get to know about their services.

Outsourcing of work

Not all the companies are proficient in all type of works. If it is a web designing company, it might outsource digital marketing services from a third party or vice versa. Instead of hiring a company who is outsourcing it is better to consider a good website designing company in Noida or in Delhi.


How the company is going to generate revenue from your website?

Hiring the right company will generate good revenue. The experienced company will tell you the right ways to use the website and also share their advice on generating revenue through online marketing. They might offer you a digital marketing service along with web design. So ask for their strategies and methods to earn revenue for your company.

Review your company

If you are willing to launch a new website or you are willing to renew the existing website. Ask the web designing company to review your company overall performance and also ask how their service will improve your company’s service. They will do a swot analysis and work on your strength and weaknesses before providing the solution. For example, if you are launching your website in India the strategy should be according to the demand of website designing services in India

Competitor website designing

Indeed, it is a good question to ask the company what are their policies to deal with your competitors. If you have a good reputation in the market then definitely it is a vital question.  Generally, companies sign no closure agreement which states that they will not reveal your company name or services to other clients. Also, you need to know about the competitor website for which they have worked earlier to avoid the conflict of interest.

How much time the company is going to give to your company?

You might have the business plan to launch your website and other activities. So ask them how much time they will complete your project. Any delay will affect the functioning of your company. Many times web designing companies take too long to design the website. Also, understand how much time they will provide a progress report for your project. For example, the estimated time is 4 months. In such a case, the company might agree to provide reports on a monthly or weekly basis.

Who is going to be in charge of your project?

When you are hiring a company, it is important to know who is in charge of your project. Companies have a team of individuals who are going to work on your project. One there is going to be one head who is going to look after the whole team.  Communicating with a single person is good to avoid miscommunication.

Ask about the website structure of your company?

Before hiring a company we advise you to ask about the structure of designing your website. You should know the length like no of pages of your website or about payment gateway. Nowadays companies prefer to have a blog page and testimonial page. Each company demands different types of the website so the structure varies from company to company.

These are a list of few questions which can help you in hiring the right company.

If you don’t like the web design then what company will do?

It may happen that what you want is different from what you had.  In general companies have some policies like they will do a certain or unlimited number of revisions on your website. They may agree that in a limited time period they will do some changes and later they might charge some amount for the changes with the designing. Policy differs from company to company so it is the right question to ask before hiring.


It is important to ask for the price of web designing. The pricing structure can be on an hourly basis or on a project basis. The important thing is to know what are services included and what you are going to pay. The prices should justify the services. If you need to hire a cheap and best then do consider website designing company in Delhi NCR

Post web designing services

Web designing is not a onetime project. You need to ask the company the after services they are going to offer. The website needs to be upgraded from time to time also you might ask some minor change in future. So these conditions need to be discussed before finalizing the company.

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