Top List of Graphic Design Trends Dominating 2019

In 2019 visuals are taking advantage over text and graphics. In this fastest era of technology, people want to see innovation and creativity in everything. Designers, in order to create the “wow” factor for the audience; need to look for the latest graphics trends by graphic design services dominating the society.

3D designs and typography

From 2018 3D designs are still in trend. 3D typography is seen everywhere recently. For 3d editing software like Maya or cinema 4d  is used nowadays. With the help of this software, one can use typography to get images like the real images.

Usage of vivid colours

Recently it has been noticed the graphic design services in India are using bright colours. Nowadays advertisement is having a bright colour like yellow, blue, coral etc. it has been believed that bright colours easily seek the attention of the consumers. For example, we have seen the Apple logo, recently the company has done a few changes to the color of its logo design. The apple company changes the logo colour as part of their branding strategy.

Bold fonts

In 2019, companies should rework on campaigning content. The bold font is back in trend whether it’s a social media or offline marketing. Bold fonts are an important part of designing along with visual images. It has become the main point to attract the consumer’s attraction. On posters, tv commercials and social media bold fonts have taken the power of promotion. For example, Nike has used bold fonts in their promotional campaign. The minimalistic font campaign is less impressive then bold font’s campaign.

Futuristic advertisements are the main focus

We are living in an era of technology where life is moving fast and changes are taking place for time to time. For the coming years, lots of colours and patterns are going to be a part of designs that are based on future approach. Technology has become part of designing. The content of the brands is going to be advanced. The futuristic design uses patterns like holographic events, glitches, abstract patterns, gradients, bright colours etc.

Combination of light and dark colour patterns

If you are using the application, then you will notice the light and dark colour combinations are being used as the application background. Some of the big companies like Facebook are inheriting dark colour schemes. Recently even Apple has also updated dark colour mode for their Macbook. In 2917 Twitter has also used dark colour mode. Many big companies have been using a combo of light and dark colour patterns in their poster ads. The light colour attracts a few people but the dark colour attracts many people. This combo is going to work really well in 2019.

Elements of duotones

In the past few years, a colour transition has been seen to be used by many companies. Companies are using duotones in their logo designs. The single colour logo is no more in fashion. It is the time for you to rework on your logo design. 2019 is the return of duotones. Some of the companies who are showing the element of gradient and duotones are Microsoft, Apple music, Stripe etc. To get the idea of using duotones, you can give a look at the conference of Adode99 U.

Minimal designs with colourful patterns

When we think of minimalistic design, we only think of the black colour or grey colour. In 2019 more complex designs are been used by companies like Nike. These companies are mixing the designed with minimalistic colourful pallets. It is the modern form of creativity and boldness. This trend is going to dominate the market for the coming years.

Warm colour palettes

As we have discussed that duotones are in a fashion which has given rise to the warm colour designs that set the good mood. Now the vintage tone has become popular with warm and moody colour designs. Bold and neon colours are out of trend. Some amount of black has been used to give 1980’s look. It has made the audience delighted about the products and services and customer feel connected with the brands.

Buxon serifs font

No more aerial or time new roman is used as a font designer. Neither sans serifs font are used anymore. In 2019 buxom serif font is dominating the brands content marketing. It is just like a hand-drawn text which is customized with the design to give an antique and vintage touch. Brands are now focusing on unique and customized designs to make them speak loud among the audience. This designer font looks smart and attractive to the consumer. You can get graphic design services for small business.

Isometric designs

No more confusing designs are seen by the customers, This year people are going to inspired by the isometric designs which are technical and full of 3D and 4D drawings and graphics. This will attract the millions of people and the isometric icons will make the objective of advertisement fulfil. People will understand the purpose of the product and feel the real difference. As the advertisement will look more real and they can easily get influenced by isometric patterns and have more interest in buying the product or services.

Authentic and genuine visuals used by the Brands

Last but important trend-setting advertisements by big companies are the authentic stock photos used for promotion. These creative designs with genuine stock photos give an impressive long term impact on consumer minds. The advertisement looks more real and genuine. Over edited visuals no more entertain consumers. Ultra genic pictures will not be seen this year. It is time to stock real photos to create a genuine promotional ad and content.

Hope these trends which can be done by a graphic design agency in Delhi have helped you in creating the brand image and successful in achieving marketing goals.

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